The company

The company New Farms is on the Italian and European markets with cow mattresses made of rubber, designed and patented to improve animal welfare in the barn.

At New Farms we are deeply convinced of the need of outstanding products on the market to fulfil the needs and wishes of farmers. And we are fully committed in doing this.
Our sand savers are among the most innovative and efficient out there, as explains the research report on limiting the consumption of bedding material by using New Farms’ products carried out by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Piacenza. Indeed, according to the tests carried out, a much lower degree of emptying has been demonstrated in the cubicles where the Blister was installed rather than in the traditional ones: fresh sand attracts animals that during the hottest days begin digging and throwing the inert on their back, perhaps to refresh themselves; therefore, without the New Farms technology, it all would involve frequent additions, whereas, due to the Blister, the sand remains in its cells. There is no need for extra recharges.


We want to give breeders from all over the world the opportunity to recreate in the cubicle a resting environment as much similar as possible to the natural one. With all the advantages this brings with it.


We take care of the quality of rest in the cubicle to improve the quality of life of your animals, everywhere.

To get such a successful product, at New Farms we have sought out from the outset the right materials that are to be used in the production process; and once sure of the high quality of the results, we thought it was appropriate to apply a 3 year warranty on the durability of the products. What lies in between it is easily seen by the results of some inflexible tests done by DLG to which the Blister underwent, such as:


– extraordinary success of acid resistance

– extraordinary success in the evaluation of the animals’ joints. In this case, 105 cows in 3 different barns were examined after the second trimester of lactation and the 96.4% were in perfect health. See the report here.


– excellent wear resistance of the rubber

– excellent short deformation period of the rubber


The New Farms’ Blister was tested with regard to “BTS Cattle1” Test.
All BTS programme requirements (Swiss Ethics Programme Ordinance of 25th June 2008, Annex 3) are met.


As of October 2017, the company is certified ISO 9001